PatchWork Collective


A Coworking Space with the Heart of Ferndale

The way work is done is changing. We’re mobile — freelancing, doing contract work, and working remotely for larger companies. But there is value in collaboration and building community among solo workers. That is where our coworking space thrives. Our doors are open to all kinds of Ferndale workers, giving you space to build your business and your network.

Centrally Located in Metro Detroit, Michigan

The PatchWork Collective is the hub of the wheel for doing business in Metro Detroit. We’re located right on Woodward,  in downtown Ferndale. With easy access to major freeways, and a straight shot to downtown, we provide the convenience of the city, along with the comfort of one of the area’s most popular suburbs.

PatchWork Collective at Woodward and Marshall
PatchWork Collective is located in Ferndale, Michigan at the corner of Marshall and Woodward Ave.
At PatchWork Collective, Do Your Work Your Way with coworking options.

No matter what your working needs, contact us customize your coworking experience.

About PatchWork Collective

A Coworking Space 4 Years in the Making

In 2014, founders Ben Long and Lisa Schmidt were both lawyers looking for offices. Already deeply connected to the City of Ferndale, we hated commuting to a cement and glass office center in another city when many of our contacts and customers were close to home. We wanted a place to do work in and with our own community. So we began to talk about opening a space where professionals of all kinds could work together and along side one another.

But the time wasn’t right. We didn’t have the resources or the connections to make our dream happen. And the city wasn’t ready. Even though there were some shared office spaces in the Metro Detroit area, the Midwest hadn’t fully caught the coworking wave.

PatchWork Collective grand opening celebration
PatchWork Collective Grand Opening Celebration

All those factors wouldn’t come together until 2018. It took 4 years of planning and talking to the professional colleagues and friends to take PatchWork from an idea to a reality. We opened our doors in August 2018, and we are ready to make space in Ferndale for our friends, neighbors and business colleagues to come together, collaborate, and get work done.

Collaborative Work Space in the Heart of Ferndale

The PatchWork Collective is located 22007 Woodward Ave., Ferndale, Michigan, sharing the InkAddict building. We offer drop-in and membership based coworking space along with offices for rent by the hour, half-day, or day. We host meetup groups, workshops, and special events. Non-profits, community groups, and businesses are welcome into our community and invite you to hold your next event in our space. We would love to make you comfortable. Contact Us to schedule an event or become a member of the PatchWork Collective.


Membership at the PatchWork Collective

The heart of any coworking space is its members. Membership makes sense if you come to the PatchWork Collective for your day-to-day work space, want access regular access to our offices and conference rooms, or benefit from free access to our meetups and trainings. No matter what your reason, membership at the PatchWork Collective has its benefits.

24/7 Access to open coworking spaces including the Woodward View 6 hours per month in any of our private offices or the ThinkTank conference room (or 3 hours in the WorkShop or the Summit) Professional mailing address on Woodward Ave., in Ferndale, Michigan Delivery reception for packages and client drop-offs Copy, scan, and fax machines Unlimited coffee, tea, and water Technology concierge services (where you can borrow a power cord or headphones) Secure personal lockers Members-only sharing library Educational and networking events Member discounts on paid events Social media marketing featuring your business

Membership Gives Full-Time Space on a Budget

Business startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers are often looking for ways to keep overhead low and productivity high. A coworking membership lets you and your teammates work in an environment designed to make the most of your time on the clock, without the added cost of a permanent private office.

What Does It Cost?

Full Membership: $150/Month

Membership at the PatchWork Collective is just $150 per month. You can set up a recurring charge on your credit or debit card, so you never have to worry about losing access to your work space.

One-Week Trial for $50

If you’re not sure the coworking life is for you, we offer a one-time trial offer. For $50, you can use our coworking space during normal business hours for one week. At the end of the week, if you want to become a member, that $50 will be credited to your first month’s membership.

Drop In for $20/Day

If membership isn’t in the budget, or you only need a place to work one or two days a week, a day pass may be right for you. At $20 per day, you can work as long as you want (9am – 5pm), whenever you want. Day pass bundles are also available for purchase.

Make Membership Your Own

Do you need something more than you’re seeing here? Want us to feature you more often on social media? Want to add on monthly private office time? Or maybe you need to store more than will fit in your locker. Contact us to arrange a custom membership that works for you and your business.

Find Space

Find Coworking Space at PatchWork Collective

Not all work can be done in a shared space. An open office layout may be great for collaboration, and for saving money on overhead costs, but it sometimes doesn’t give you the level of privacy or professionalism you need. Sometimes, you need to find space.

By-the-Hour Private Office Space Rental

When you need to close a door and get work done, the PatchWork Collective has private office spaces available for rent by the hour, or for permanent tenants. You can choose the space that meets your needs, including the number of people, level of formality, and type of use.

Our private offices give you a place to meet new clients across a desk, bring your team together in a conference room, or spread out for a seminar, workshop, or artistic session.

Find Your Space

Find private office space at the PatchWork CollectiveThe PatchWork Collective includes these private spaces for rent:

Customize Your Space

Almost every space can be adjusted to meet your needs. You can add a projector or coffee service, ask for tables to be moved or more chairs added, or even ask that the room be cleared so you can bring in your own (some limitations apply). If you don’t see something you like, contact us and we’ll find a way to meet your needs.