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Artists: Show (and Sell) Your Art to the PatchWork Community

Too many white walls can be boring. We at the PatchWork Collective is committed to supporting our local community any way we can. And that includes with our wall-space! Local artists can exhibit their art within our coworking space, sell their work, and get exposure to our network of independent professionals.

What would you want to look at while you are working? White walls may be trendy, but they can also be stark and isolating. As we prepare to open, we recognize that the PatchWork Collective has a lot of white space to fill. We want to do it by supporting the local artist community, giving them a space to show and sell their art. Here are some important details for artists and people who love them.

Where Will the Art Be Displayed?

Your Art in the PatchWork Collective Coworking SpaceWe have spaces available throughout the PatchWork Collective that could use some art love. Our primary gallery space will be a feature point in the large front coworking area. However, there are supplemental spaces in common areas in our members-only sections as well.

Who Will Own the Art?

Your art is yours until you sell it. We are happy to post prices and to encourage members to buy your work, but at the end of the show, the unsold art will still be yours. We will take any reasonable steps to protect your intellectual property, to make sure no one can steal your work.

How Much Will It Cost to Exhibit at the PatchWork Collective?

There is no up-front cost to exhibit at the PatchWork Collective. It will be up to you to hang your artwork at the start and break down the display at the end of the exhibit. However, the only charge is a 20% commission on any artwork sold while it is in the space.

How Will the Art be Hung?

We are installing a rail and cord gallery system into the coworking space, so we will be able to hang art of different shapes and sizes. We will also have some space available for sculpture and other 3-dimensional art.

How Long Will the Art be on Display?

We want to make the most of our artists’ time and energy. Exhibits will generally range from 8 to 12 weeks. Shorter shows are available if needed. We are happy to schedule your exhibition in advance and to make our space available to host a gallery opening event to make the most of your work.

Is There Any Marketing Included in the Exhibition?

A gallery exhibit is only effective if people know about it. The PatchWork Collective will feature your art on our social media (in a way that protects your property), and will be happy to link to your space online. If you have a Etsy store, DeviantArt account, Facebook page, or website, we will feature those links on our website and social media pages.

Studio Space Available Too

PatchWork Collective Has Studio Space AvailableNeed a place to make your art? We have that too! One of our rent-by-the-hour spaces is set up as a studio, complete with drafting table. So you can rent the space when you need somewhere to get away, get focused, and let the muses take you.

Contact Us to Exhibit Your Art in the PatchWork Collective

Ferndale loves its artists. At the PatchWork Collective, we want to put local painters, sculptors, and other creatives together with the members of our coworking community. If you want to exhibit your work in our space, contact us to connect with our gallery manager today.

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