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22007 Woodward Ave., Ferndale, MI 48220

Are you itching to get into our brand new coworking space in Ferndale? We are! The dust is still flying, but we are looking for members who will come in on the ground floor and help us make PatchWork Collective a great place to work. Become a Founding Member by September 1 and get up to 2 months free membership.

PatchWork Collective coworking space in Ferndale is under constructionI’m going to be upfront with you. There’s a lot that goes into building a great coworking space: furniture, lighting, Wi-Fi, marketing, office supplies. The list goes on! But the one thing that sets coworking apart from any other office setting is the community.

The people!

At PatchWork Collective, we’re already well underway putting together all the physical details for a great space. Now, it’s time to build the community. Coworking spaces like ours thrive when professionals from all different industries come together to learn from one another, collaborate, and grow their businesses. Whether you work remotely for a company in another state, or are launching a business of your own, we want to come along side you and make your work week better.

What a PatchWork Collective Membership Means to You

Becoming a PatchWork Collective member means more than just a seat at the table. But it does start there! You’ll have 24/7 access to all of our shared working spaces:

  • Open tables in a bright space where you can collaborate with other members
  • Phone booths to take private calls or join a webinar
  • Comfortable couches and chairs where you can sit back and dig into a long article or task
  • Desks where you can put your head down and get work done on a big project

You’ll also have access to member perks and services:

  • Unlimited coffee, tea, and water
  • Copy, scan, and fax machines
  • Professional mailing address
  • Delivery reception
  • Customer drop-off/pick-up services
  • Member sharing library
  • Technology concierge services (where you can borrow a power cord or headphones)
  • Secure personal lockers
  • Discounts on reserved spaces
  • Members-only networking and educational events
  • Member discounts on paid events
  • Introductory blog and social media push featuring your business

As we grow, we hope to be able to offer expanded services. We’ll be listening carefully to our Founding Members’ needs and doing everything we can to meet them. If you don’t see an amenity that you are looking for on the list, let us know!

Become a Founding Member of PatchWork Collective and Get Up to 2 Months Free

We want to get PatchWork started right, and that means building a strong foundation of members. That’s why we are offering a Founding Member discount. Individuals and businesses who sign up for memberships before September 1, 2018, will receive discounted prices and sneak-peek access to the space. Here’s how it works:

  • Get a tour of the space
  • Complete a Membership Application
  • Pay the Founding Membership Fee
  • Receive your 24/7 Access fob
  • Start coworking as soon as we open

Regular membership fees will be $220.00 per month. Members can choose to pay monthly, twice per year, or annually. Discounts will apply to semi-annual and annual packages, but they won’t be as good as what we are offering right now! Founding Members who pay their membership fee before September 1 will receive 1 month free for each 6 month commitment. That means:

6-Month Founding Membership: $1,100
(Get 1 month free)

12-Month Founding Membership: $2,200
(Get 2 months free)

Renewals or other membership fees received after September 1, 2018, will default to the standard pricing model. So you have to act quickly to save some money and get in at the start of a great new coworking community here in Ferndale. Contact us to receive a tour and a Membership Application today.

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