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Coworking Can Give Your Business a Second Office

Coworking isn’t just a low-cost option for freelancers and solo entrepreneurs. It can also create options for larger companies looking for ways to cover a larger geographic area, by giving your business a second office without the cost of a full-time space.

Shared Office Spaces Expand Your Business’s Geographic Reach

One of the members of the PatchWork Collective recently mentioned that he also has a membership to one of our competitors in Detroit. Were we mad? Of course not!

One of the biggest benefits of using shared office space is that you don’t have to be tied to just one location. When your work takes you to a neighboring city, or a client finds your location inconvenient, using a coworking space can be an easy way to expand your geographic reach and meet your clients’ needs.

This comes up for lawyers all the time. Our founders are Lisa Schmidt and Ben Long from Schmidt & Long, PLLC. As lawyers, we represent clients in a number of counties across southeast Michigan. When our office was in south Oakland County and our clients were in the northern part of Macomb, it sometimes meant the only time we would see our clients in person was on the courthouse steps.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Larger companies and traveling professionals, including lawyers, realtors, or anyone who draw their customers from a wide geographic area, need to be available where their clients are, not just in their own location. These professionals can take advantage of rent-by-the-hour office spaces to schedule meetings in places convenient to their customers without the added overhead costs of multiple offices.

Corporations can even maintain memberships on their employees’ behalf. When a team member needs to to be in another city, or county for a meeting, court hearing, or other event, they can take advantage of the corporate membership, find a space to work, and make the most of the day.

Coworking Spaces Give Corporate Boards a Change of Scenery

Sometimes there is work that simply shouldn’t be done in the office. When executives and directors meet to give structure and guidance to the corporation, the last thing they want is to have that meeting interrupted by  day-to-day office problems. But if you hold your strategic planning sessions or board meetings in the same room where your teams gather for stand-up, you could be setting yourselves up for just that kind of distraction.

Coworking spaces give boards and executive teams a place to get away and focus on the big picture for their organization or business. Rather than trying to block out the ghosts of business-present to focus on the future, consider renting a conference room at a local coworking facility. By stepping away from the business at hand, you will better be able to focus on the big picture and goal setting that needs to be done.

Coworking spaces have a reputation of being for solo business owners, self-employed contractors, and freelancers. And all of that is true. But just because you get a W-2 or run a team doesn’t mean you can’t make use of a shared office space. When your customers need you to travel or your board needs to get away, a coworking space may be just what you are looking for.

At the PatchWork Collective, we have offices and conference rooms available by the hour for teams and traveling professionals. Corporate membership rates are available to help your employees make the most of their work day. Contact us to schedule a tour or arrange a meeting in our space.

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