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Dedicated Desks come to the PatchWork Collective.

We’re listening! We’ve had a few potential community members asking for a dedicated desk to call their own within the PatchWork Collective. A set place with storage and a comfortable seat where they can store their things and get to work. Now, we’re bringing the Dedicated Desk to PatchWork, and you can reserve one right now!

Walls aren’t always the most important thing. All some modern professionals need to get work done with a quiet space and a place to store their things. They like the consistency of knowing whenever it’s time to get to work, “their spot” is waiting for them.

In Coworking Speak, That’s a “Dedicated Desk”.

A dedicated desk can be a great option for community members looking for:

  • A place to leave tools, computers, and monitors overnight
  • A locking drawer to protect confidential records and valuables
  • A quiet work space away from the shared common room
  • More privacy than in the shared coworking space
  • A reserved spot you know is just for you
  • A place you can personalize with trinkets, art, or your own chair
  • Additional on-site storage if you need it

Community members with a dedicated desk also enjoy all the benefits of membership within the PatchWork Collective. Your dedicated desk comes with:

  • A professional Woodward Ave. mailing address
  • 24/7 access to the PatchWork Collective
  • Up to 6 hours of office or conference room time (or 3 hours in the WorkShop)
  • 9-5 reception for packages or client drop-offs
  • Copy center access
  • Unlimited coffee, tea, and water
  • Cross-promoted social media marketing

A membership means even though you have a dedicated desk, you don’t have to be there full-time. If you have a project that needs to spread out, want to collaborate with your fellow members, or step away from your desk for lunch, you are welcome to work in the shared space. You can also reserve an office for your client meetings or a conference room when it’s time to gather your team.

Who Benefits from a Dedicated Desk

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to upgrade your membership to a dedicated desk:

  • You’re an introvert and need your space!
  • You work in a confidential industry and need to lock away records
  • You are a graphic designer or need a big monitor that you don’t want to haul back and forth
  • You are easily distracted by the comings and goings of an open coworking area
  • You benefit from the routine of working in the same place every day

No matter what your reason, the new dedicated desks at the PatchWork Collective will give you the flexibility of a coworking membership with the security of a space to call your own.

Get a Dedicated Desk at the PatchWork Collective for $300/month

Get Your Dedicated Desk at PatchWork Collective
Make this your private work space at the PatchWork Collective for $300 per month.

Dedicated desks are available at the PatchWork Collective right now. You can reserve your own private work space for $300 per month using our secure Community member portal.

When you choose the Dedicated Desk option, you’ll be able to set up an automatic recurring payment method using a credit card or ACH bank transaction. That way you never have to worry that you forgot a payment and might lose your space.

Once your dedicated desk membership is confirmed, just come in during our staffed hours (9-5 M-F) for an orientation into the community and pick your space. We can’t wait to have you.

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