The Standard Hourly Rental Office

What does it take to get work done? A desk, a table, maybe a computer. What about a whiteboard, a meeting table, or a window to look out of while you are brainstorming? The Standard has all of that, and enough flexibility to let you and your small team do your work your way.

Space Information

The Standard is an rectangular space with a thin window facing Marshall. It is conveniently located right next to the barrier-free handicap entrance, and away from the bustle of the open coworking area. It is available for rent by the hour, or as a permanent office space.

Public Computer Available in The Standard at the PatchWork Collective

Seated capacity:

approx. 15 x 9.5 feet (210 sq. ft.)
Possible adjoining storage options available for permanent tenant.

Informal By-the-Hour Office Space

The Standard is the casual counterpart to The 9s formal office setting.¬† The space comes furnished with a corner desk and publicly accessible desktop computer, an expandable conference table, and a whiteboard. It’s laid back decor and arrangement can be adjusted to meet your level of formality. Whether your small team needs to put your heads together and brain storm, or you are looking for a place to make a pitch to a client, The Standard can do it all.

By-the-Hour Office Rental

$20 / hour 

Flexible Work Space for Solo Entrepreneur

The Standard’s easy access to the barrier-free side entrance and separation from the coworking section make it an ideal space for a solo entrepreneur looking for a permanent office space. With a window, a whiteboard, and plenty of space, The Standard will allow you the flexibility to grow your business and provide you the privacy and permanence you need.

Permanent Office Rental

$500 per month (includes 1 membership to the PatchWork Collective)

Customizing Your Space

If your meeting will need additional amenities or a different arrangement, or if you will need login credentials for the shared computer, contact us to see how we can customize the space to meet your needs.