The Studio Wide Open Space for Massage Table at PatchWork Collective


Sometimes you need a lot of room for your work. Maybe you are an artist, looking for a space to spread out your canvases and let the creativity flow. You might be a counselor or therapist more interested in a comfortable private space than a desk or an office. Or maybe you are a massage therapist and need a room open enough for you to set up and work around your table. The Studio is the space for you.

Space Information

The Studio is a T-shaped room with a small closet that can temporarily store your linens, paints, or other art supplies. It has plenty of outlets, so you can plug in all your tools and get to work.

Seated capacity:
Up to 7
approx. 15 x 12 feet (145 sq. ft.)

Reserve the Studio at PatchWork Collective
Reserve The Studio at PatchWork Collective

Art Studio Space

The Studio comes equipped with an adjustable drafting board with dedicated task light and chair, specifically to cater to artists who need a special kind of space. There is also a 6-foot table where you can spread out your canvases. A canvas drop cloth is available upon request.

Open Space for Your Massage Table or Photography Staging

The bulk of the Studio space has been left open on purpose. We know that furniture can just get in the way for massage therapists who do their work around a specialty table, or photographers setting up a shoot. If you need even more room, just let us know. We can remove the tables giving you more space to work.

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Customizing Your Space

If your meeting or event will need additional amenities, a different arrangement, or even for the room to be cleared entirely, contact us to see how we can customize the space to meet your needs.

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