Reserve the TeamSpace at the PatchWork Collective


Sometimes the space you need has nothing to do with clients. Maybe your team works remotely but needs a space to come together now and then. Or perhaps you are a small startup team looking for a permanent place of your own. The TeamSpace can give that to you.

Space Information

The TeamSpace is a rectangular space with internal windows connecting it to the WorkShop (curtains are provided). It has a dedicated annex space, which can be used for storage by a permanent tenant, or to bring even more people together.

Seated capacity:
approx. 10 x 13 feet (130 sq. ft.) plus 70 sq. ft. annex for storage or added desk space.

TeamSpace Annex for Storage or Desk Space
Put your team to work in the TeamSpace annex at PatchWork Collective

By-the-Hour Team Meeting Space

The TeamSpace is arranged to maximize the productivity of you and your team. With a large table and separate break-out space, you can work all together, or spread out and focus. When you rent the TeamSpace by the hour, it gives your remote team a chance to work face-to-face without significantly increasing your overhead costs.

Dedicated Work Space for Start-Up Team

With its annex and built-in cabinets, The TeamSpace makes a perfect start-up location for your small team. You can customize your layout and make the most of this budget-friendly office space. The annex, with its built in desk spaces, gives you room to expand as your team grows. Renting The TeamSpace as a permanent space also includes a membership to the PatchWork Collective. If you need more so your team can spread out even further, just let us know.

Rent The TeamSpace


Reserve the TeamSpace at the PatchWork Collective
Have some fun while you work in the TeamSpace at the PatchWork Collective.

Customizing Your Space

If your meeting will need additional amenities, different arrangement, or any additional specialized options, contact us to see how we can customize the space to meet your needs.