The WorkShop Conference Room

When you are having a formal board meeting or a relaxed workshop, sometimes you need something bigger than just a standard conference room. The WorkShop can accommodate your larger meeting, group training, or small event, giving you a place away from the office to meet and get work done.

Space Information

The WorkShop is a large, rectangular space with internal windows connecting it to the TeamSpace (curtains are provided). It comes equipped with a projector screen and hard line internet connection (wi-fi is also available) to be sure your presentation isn’t interrupted by technical difficulties.

Seated capacity:
Up to 14 around board table
Up to 20 in rows

approx. 16 x 21 feet (350 sq. ft.)

The WorkShop at PatchWork Collective

By-the-Hour Conference Space

The WorkShop can be rented by the hour for your conference or workshop. It is set up to meet all your needs, including a sideboard to hold coffee service or snacks. When you rent the WorkShop by the hour, it gives your executive board, team, or group the space to come together, even while getting away from your home or office.

By the Hour Conference Room Rental:
$40 / hour

Customizing Your Space

If your meeting will need additional amenities, different arrangement, or any additional specialized options, contact us to see how we can customize the space to meet your needs.