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Local Dungeons & Dragons Gamers Take Over PatchWork Collective for Charity to Support Ferndale Pride.

This weekend the PatchWork Collective hosted its most fun event to date. Over 30 Dungeons & Dragons players took over the space, as they raced to stop (imaginary) foes from destroying a city. Check out the fun we had and find out how to get on the list for the next D&D Mega Game.

Dungeons & Dragons used to be a game played in secret in somebody’s basement. But thanks to pop-culture hits like Stranger Things and a cultural movement to embrace traditionally “geeky” pass-times, the game has moved into the mainstream. Friendly local game stores, like The Loaded Die in Ferndale, Michigan, host weekly games and special events, like the D&D Mega Game here at the PatchWork Collective.

The D&D Mega Game was connected to a national “Adventure League” (AL) for organized play. This organization allows roving D&D-loving adventurers to find a table wherever they are and sit down to enjoy a game through a set of standardized rules for play and character creation. No matter where the players find themselves, they can use AL to find a place play. Kind of like coworking, but for games!

Adventurers Enjoy 6+ Hours of Creativity and Storytelling

This mega event gave D&D players a chance to come together and meet with others who share their hobby. While game stores will often host one or two tables which each run their own encounters, mega events like this one are usually only held at conventions.

The players at the four tables fought monsters and minions based on an elemental theme and matched to their character’s “experience level” — similar to how many times the character had leveled up in a video game. Each table had a different mission, connected into one over-arching plot: To protect the fictional city of Mulmaster from destruction by evil elemental cults of fire, air, water, and earth.

Players could also buy food and drinks from Michigan-based companies (like Faygo, Lays, and Bucharest Grill), and purchase D&D swag from The Loaded Die. Premium tickets to the event included an Easy Roller Dice box, and set of dice of their choice (some gamers can be almost superstitious about their dice).

This ferocious “familiar” joined one of our players to help slay the threats to the city.
Participants could buy Dungeons & Dragons merchandise from The Loaded Die.

Dungeons & Dragons Players Raise $280+ for Ferndale Pride

As an official AL event, this D&D Mega Game was put on for the benefit of one of our favorite local charities, Ferndale Pride. This annual LGBTQIA festival takes to the streets of Downtown Ferndale to kick off Pride Month every year. 2019 promises to be one of the biggest years yet, with vendor spaces selling out quickly months before the event. PatchWork and The Loaded Die were happy to chip in and give our players a chance to game for good by raising money for the event.

The event allowed $1 re-rolls. Any time a player (or Dungeon Master) didn’t like the number on a die roll, they could spend a dollar to roll it again. At the end of the night, we also auctioned off many of the 3-D printed miniatures used in the game, donated courtesy of a local maker. Altogether, the gamers raised $284 for Ferndale Pride and had a ton of fun over the 6 hours of gaming.

More Information About the Loaded Die

The Loaded Die is a local game store and events company with a focus on community. Check out our gaming events happening all over Metro Detroit, www.theloadeddie.com/events

More Information About Ferndale Pride

Ferndale Pride continues to grow because of generous donation of sponsors and fundraising efforts. Pride is truly lucky to have partners in the community that care deeply about the event and the LGBTQAI community. We look forward to seeing you on June 1st at Ferndale Pride, for a complete list of our events, please visit our website at www.ferndalepride.com. –Julia Music, Ferndale Pride

Find Out About Future Special Events at PatchWork Collective

The PatchWork Collective hosts a variety of special events for local businesses and non-profits. Our next event is a Euchre Tournament to benefit the Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce on March 22, 2019. Sign up for our newsletter find out about all the fun events happening at the PatchWork Collective.

If you want to host your next special event at the PatchWork Collective, schedule a tour with one of our facilities managers. We will meet with you and provide a quote for the cost. Non-profit and government discounts are available.

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