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Private permanent office with barrier-free access $155/mo

Maybe you personally need to be in the same place every day to get work done. Maybe you need a place to store equipment or inventory. Or maybe you need a higher level of privacy than even the quiet areas of a coworking space can provide. Sometimes you really do need a permanent office space.

PatchWork Collective’s heart is for coworking and community. But not everyone has the flexibility in their employment to work from a drop-in space. Sometimes you do need a full-time office. The good news is that members of the PatchWork community have access to a limited number of dedicated office spaces available for rent.

Permanent Office Space with Finished Private Storage – $600/mo

An office space with internal-facing windows and private storage $185/mo13ft x  10ft office +
5ft x 7.5ft storage space

An office space with internal-facing windows. This space opens into a private hallway and the large conference room. It comes with a dedicated storage room equipped with a work surface, cabinets, and lighting.

This space is perfect for a 1-2 person team who needs organized storage space to manage their projects or inventory. The windows into the adjoining spaces allow you to feel connected to the PatchWork community while still maintaining privacy when you need it.

Private Small Office with Storage Nook – $300/mo

Small private office with storage nook $135/mo11.5ft x 9ft office +
6ft x 3.25ft storage space

A small office space with built-in, under-stairs storage. This space opens onto a private hallway.

This is a small, inexpensive office space for a solo entrepreneur who needs a permanent space including a small amount of storage. This is idea for a business owner who values the coworking culture but needs the privacy of a closed door.

Polished Permanent Office Space with Window – $750/mo

Private permanent office with barrier-free access $155/mo15ft x 9.6ft office

An office space with external window. This space opens into the main hallway, just steps from the ADA-compatible handicap entrance.

This polished permanent office space is ideal for a professional, like an attorney or accountant, looking for a private space to receive clients and get work done. This office’s proximity to PatchWork’s barrier-free entry means your clients will be able to get to you, no matter what their physical condition.

Open Work Space with Storage for Small Team – $1200/mo

Permanent office space for small team with large storage space $550/mo16.3ft x 21.5ft office
11.5ft x 6ft storage space

A large, open office space. This space opens onto a small office (the first space described above) with a window in between. The large storage space also has a window into the small office.

If you work with a small team of collaborators, this open work area gives you a permanent office space for you and your team. The large storage space provides a place for inventory, or even a small executive space for the leader of your team. This space provides the most flexibility to meet your team’s needs.

Coworkers – Stay Tuned for Sneak Peeks of Our Shared Spaces

PatchWork Collective’s heart for community means providing the kind of work space you need to get work done. Whether that’s a seat at a table (with good wi-fi, of course), a temporary office or conference room, or a permanent office space, we have you covered. But there are only so many permanent options available to become part of our community. Contact us now to arrange a tour of the space.


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