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Heat Slowing You Down? Drop in to a Coworking Space

Summer in Metro Detroit heated up quick. Less than a month ago we were complaining that summer would never get here. Now we’re facing 90 degree days and lots of humidity. All the air conditioning needed to keep us comfortable can cause summer blackouts at the most inconvenient times. And if you’re a small business owner or working from home, that can mean big trouble for your business.

Summer Heat Brings Power Problems

It seems like it happens every year. When things get hot and humid, residences throughout Metro Detroit start to lose power. It may just be a few minutes, or it could last for hours during the hottest part of the day. For those who commute to work, these blackouts are an inconvenience, forcing them to reset their clocks or stay away until things cool off and power is restored. But if you run a small business or work from home, regular blackouts can put a monkey wrench into your summer business plan.

The secret that no one tells you is that when the power is out at your home, commercial spaces like the coworking space down the street, are happily carrying on. Energy companies prioritize commercial users over residential customers, counting on the bigger utility bills outweighing the angry residents. And for the most part it works. But when business happens at home, that strategy falls apart and leaves entrepreneurs in the gap.

Drop In to a Coworking Space to Keep Working During Blackouts

The good news is there is an easy way for you to keep working even when the power is out at your home office. At PatchWork Collective we offer easy drop-in passes to anyone in our local community. When the power is out, just pack up your laptop and come take advantage of our electricity, wi-fi, and air conditioning. We’ll even give you coffee.

You can drop in to the PatchWork Collective anytime 9-5, Monday – Friday for just $20 per day. If your power grid is really bad and you find yourself here often, you can even get a digital punch pass and drop the cost to just $10 per day. If you work outside of business hours, or just want the flexibility to stay late and work when you want, a monthly membership may be the right choice for you.

Drop In, Try Us Out, Stay for the Productivity

At PatchWork Collective we think that coworking is the best way for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and home-based employees to get more work done in less time. We have designed our space to suit workers’ needs, with plenty of outlets, comfortable seating options, and phone booths to use when you need to take that important phone call. We make sure your needs are met while you are here. Coffee, tea, and cocoa are always available. And there’s a good chance you’ll even find some free snacks to keep you focused on your work, rather than your stomach.

A blackout may be what pulls you away from your home office and gets you into our coworking space. But we think that once you’re here, you’ll see the benefit of a space dedicated to you and your productivity. Our staff is ready to help you book private spaces, brew you a fresh pot of coffee, or even just help you connect to the wi-fi. Whether it’s your first time, or you become a regular visitor, we want you to drop in, plug in, and get work done.

Try Before You Buy with Free Work Fridays

If you’re still not convinced that a coworking space is the answer to your power problems or productivity concerns, we invite you to try us once for free. We offer monthly Free Work Fridays on the first Friday of every month, so local workers can stop in and try us out. All we ask is for your email address and 5 minutes of your time so we can show you all that PatchWork has to offer. Want to check us out? Reserve your space at the next Free Work Friday event, or just drop in whenever you need to increase your productivity and get work done.

Post Author: PatchWork