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Host Your Networking Event at PatchWork Collective

Networking and building a professional network is an essential part of many small businesses’ marketing efforts. At the PatchWork Collective, we would love to host your next networking event – whether it is a one-time after hours event or your regular weekly meeting. Find out everything the PatchWork Collective has to offer.

Networking Makes Businesses Grow

Nothing beats face-to-face networking to help small businesses build professional connections and generate business. Regular contact with representatives in complimentary industries keeps your company top-of-mind and helps develop the strong relationships that lead to ongoing referral business between friends. Everyone from service professionals to tradesmen, to retailers can benefit from fostering ongoing connections with networking circles like:

Entrepreneurs often build networking contacts within their own industry, and across industries, creating a web of referral sources to help them build their business, and get help with services they need to move their companies to the next level. You may find that you or your company maintain several business networking memberships at once, to make the most of their reach, and your efforts.

Host Your Networking Event at PatchWork Collective

Where Your Hold Your Networking Event Matters

But not every place is suited to hold this kind of meeting. I once attended a networking group meeting hosted early in the morning at a bubble tea restaurant before it opened to the public. The networkers sat perched on the counter-height chairs around small tables, often craning their necks to see the other members of the group. The officers of the group sat around a table in front of the cash register, and the weekly presenter stood among the cafe tables without a screen, projector, or other way to feature what they did.

Honestly, it was tough to concentrate. I found it all too easy to turn back to my table and pull out my phone, rather than listening to the other members’ pitches of their businesses and asks for referrals and business development needs.

All too often networking groups try to squeeze into the corner of a coffee shop or gather around in an open bar to host their networking events. These retail spaces are designed to move people through the space and sell their product. They can be loud and crowded, and can make it difficult to talk among a large group of people or develop meaningful connections with business contacts. Other times, like in the case I described, the facility just isn’t set up for the purpose of the meeting.

Making the Most of Your Networking Event at PatchWork Collective

At the PatchWork Collective, we take business seriously. We have designed our space to welcome businesses and networking events of all kinds and sizes. We have hosted weekly networking groups, annual meetings of affinity bar associations, and one-time coffee connections for the Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce. We have spaces that can host 6, 16, or 60. Each rental includes coffee service. The ThinkTank, perfect for small networking groups of up to 8 people, comes with a television you can use to make your presentation. The WorkShop and the Woodward View, which host larger groups, are set up so you can make your presentation with a provided projector.

If you are hosting an after-hours, we welcome catering and will help you coordinate catering, connecting you with local companies that can provide appetizers or a whole meal. We have a kitchenette with a full-sized refrigerator, microwave, coffee machines, and toaster oven, along with plenty of space for your caterers to prep your courses.

Whether you are looking for a spot to host a one-time after-hours event, or a home for your weekly networking group, the PatchWork Collective is a perfect match. Schedule a tour today to check out the facilities and reserve your space at the PatchWork Collective.

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