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Is Your Empty Office Costing You Money?

Small business owners often spend large parts of their day taking their show on the road. Whether they are driving to meet clients, working from home, or networking to help their business grow, they leave an empty office behind. But is that empty office costing you more money than it’s worth? Could a coworking space be the right solution for you and your new business?

Go Virtual Without Losing Your Professional Edge

I opened my first business in 2011. It was a law firm. The conventional wisdom was (and still is in that industry) that to be taken seriously you needed to “hang out your shingle.” That meant get a small office, maybe an executive suite or space in a larger law firm, so that clients knew you were a professional. I didn’t do that. I worked entirely virtually for the first 18 months of my business. I met clients in libraries, at court, or the occasional coffee shop. But had I known about coworking back then, I would have jumped at the opportunity to maintain a professional presence without the overhead of a traditional office space.

Eventually, I had to get an office. I was simply spending too much time driving to client meetings and initial consultations. I was also feeling the drag of meeting in public places where I could not control the level of professionalism. So I found a space. And then another one. I moved to try to better meet my clients’ needs and help them feel comfortable. But by then I was spending hundreds of dollars every month for a space that sat empty for several hours of every work day just because I needed a professional conference room a few hours a week.

A Coworking Membership Keeps You from Paying for an Empty Office

That’s when I discovered the concept of coworking. It lets business owners and professionals buy in to a shared office space, renting a professional office or conference room just for the time they need it. Coworking cuts down overhead by creating packages that professionals can rent based on their own needs, and that can adapt as their business grows.

Where was that in 2011?

As soon as I understood how coworking worked for small business owners, I fell in love. I knew that with the right space, the PatchWork Collective could be what I had been looking for back when I started my company: a consistent, professional space that wouldn’t break the bank. We offer a variety of small office options, so you can present your business your way, whether that means sitting behind a desk, at a conference table, or even in beanbag chairs! By-the-hour office rental starts as low as $20 per hour. So even if you just have one meeting a month, you can use our offices to give your business the professional air you need to take it to the next level.

Once your business gets going, we also have a number of spaces available that you can make your own. We offer small office rental for companies ready to fill space full time, as well as half-day and full-day discounts for entrepreneurs looking to block their schedules and improve their efficiency.

Find Your Space at PatchWork Collective

At PatchWork Collective, we want to keep you from paying for an empty office. We offer memberships, dedicated desks, and permanent office options, so that you can tailor your overhead to the size of your business right now. Members get up to 6 hours of office rental to use anytime included in their monthly membership, but you don’t even need to be a member to rent space during regular business hours. Just create a free Community Member account on our website and you’ll be able to reserve and pay for the office you want right there online. Not sure what you need? Schedule a tour with one of our facility managers to check out our space and discuss your options.

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