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Meet the Member_ Acupuncturist Darlene Berger

One of the benefits of being a member of the PatchWork Collective coworking space is your chance to reach our network of businesses and professional contacts. One way we do that is through feature “Meet our Members” blog posts. In today’s post, we’ll meet acupuncturist Darlene Berger, whose business is a permanent part of the PatchWork Collective.

Meet PatchWork Collective member Darlene Berger, Acupuncturist

Meet Our Member Darlene Berger

Darlene Berger, MSAc, RAc, is an acupuncturist in active practice since 2008. She is the former owner of Community Health Acupuncture Center, a 16-chair community acupuncture clinic in Ferndale from 2008 to 2015. Now she has focused her practice on one-on-one therapeutic acupuncture treatments, helping clients with persistent pain, chronic conditions, and even everyday problems like allergies, cold, and flu. Her specialty is helping people address health concerns that allopathic medicine can’t quite figure out.

Darlene has a Master of Science degree in Acupuncture from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City, and a Bachelor of Arts from Michigan State University. Over the years, she has completed substantial postgraduate study in Chinese Medicine, allowing her to bring additional modalities to clients in need, including:

  • Electroacupuncture
  • Moxibustion
  • Cupping
  • Gua Sha

Hear from Darlene

We asked Darlene Berger to tell us what makes her love what she does. She says:

“I love the look of relief and the look of complete relaxation when people come out of my treatment room, and I love the fact than many of them can’t quite believe it! It is a mystery to science, the mechanism of action at play in acupuncture, but it has survived use for millenia for a reason, and that’s because it works!”

Darlene Berger, Acupuncturist

When we asked her what brought her to the PatchWork Collective, she said:

I was looking for a single room to lease for a long time when I heard about the PatchWork Collective on WDET. It was a game changer for me to be able to rent just one room to keep my overhead down while I transition into a one-on-one practice from a high-volume, high overhead kind of scenario. It is a real blessing that there is someone else to take care of all the details of running a commercial building, like keeping the offices clean and stocked with consumables, paying utility bills, and, for me, I really like not having to do any snow removal! An added bonus is that other members are always around, so you don’t feel as isolated the way you might just working at home or in your own office. It’s been really nice to take a break and chat with other members to break up the day, and Lisa and Ben have been really great about trying to accommodate my needs whenever they can.

Darlene Berger, PatchWork Collective Member
PatchWork Collective Member, Darlene Berger preparing a client for an acupuncture treatment.
Darlene Berger preparing a client for an acupuncture treatment.

The Person Behind the Business

Darlene is a dedicated medical professional. She provides volunteer acupuncture treatments twice a month at FernCare, a free medical clinic here in Ferndale, Michigan.

She is also a medical history and antiques enthusiast and has vintage glass syringes, an ether mask, and a violet ray machine (among many other strange things!) in her collection.

Ready to Get Poked?

Find out more about Darlene on her website or follow her on Facebook. You can also contact Darlene for an appointment by calling or texting her at (248) 385-3033.

Connecting with Darlene Berger at the PatchWork Collective

Darlene is a permanent member here at the PatchWork Collective. She schedules appointments for clients in her private space several days per week. Drop in to meet Darlene and all the other great members at PatchWork Collective.

Become a Member to Get Connected with Darlene and the Rest of the PatchWork Collective Community

The PatchWork Collective wants to help our members build up their businesses and connect them with key referral partners in the local community. If you want to work with Darlene Berger and the other members of the PatchWork Collective, become a Community Member for free today.

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