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PatchWork Founder and COO Ben Long, Business Attorney

One of the benefits of being a member of the PatchWork Collective coworking space is your chance to reach our network of businesses and professional contacts. One way we do that is through feature “Meet our Members” blog posts. In today’s post, we’ll meet the COO of PatchWork, Benjamin Long, a business, estate planning, and real estate attorney at Schmidt & Long, PLLC.

Meet COO and Founding Member Ben Long

Ben Long is a lawyer, and a local property manager. He is also the COO of the PatchWork Collective. He has been practicing law since 2011, and running his own practice since 2013. In 2016, he partnered up with PatchWork CEO Lisa Schmidt to create Schmidt & Long, PLLC. Ben helps clients with estate planning, business law, and real estate matters. 

Ben has a passion for business, and the education to back it up. He opened his first business, a car detailing shop, in 2005. On top of his law degree, Benjamin Long also has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a Masters of Law (LLM) in corporate and finance law. He has a history of litigation experience, but now prefers to help his clients stay out of the courtroom.

Ben also owns a number of residential properties in and around Ferndale. This keeps him connected to the local community in ways many others aren’t.

When it comes to business law, Ben especially loves helping small business owners and startups get their business off on the right foot. He serves as both a consultant and legal advisor, and even sits on a few clients’ advisory boards. His favorite work is to help business owners in new or developing industries, including online companies. 

Hear from Ben

We asked Ben Long to tell us what keeps him going. He says:

“I enjoy helping people start and grow a business. Considering what is the best entity and how to manage and protect the business– those are interesting and usually unique discussions and decisions.”

When we asked him why he and his partner chose to found the PatchWork Collective, he said:

“Patchwork is an expression of the Ferndale community, but also for the Detroit area in general. Since our legal clients are often nontraditional, I like having a unique place to interact with them. I also enjoy starting businesses, whether it be with my legal clients, through the Metro Detroit Freelancers Network, or my own businesses. The Patchwork Collective allows me to interact in many facets of business.”

The Person Behind the Business

Ben isn’t someone to be defined by his work. In addition to his professional responsibilities, Ben helped to found the Ferndale Cat Shelter, a no-kill cat shelter that houses feral and abandoned cats and kittens from the local neighborhoods, and has a trap-neuter-release program to help manage the feral cat population. He loves attending concerts and shows, and helps host a local happy hour group every Thursday. Ben also like cooking and spending time in northern Michigan.

Connecting with Ben Long at the PatchWork Collective

As COO, Ben Long is a regular presence at the PatchWork Collective. He is an afternoon facility manager and hosts twice-monthly networking meetups in the space with the Metro Detroit Freelancers Network. There he helps gig workers and entrepreneurs build their business connections and know-how with trainings and open networking events. Ben also hosts legal seminars at PatchWork collective.

Become a Member to Get Connected with Ben and the Rest of the PatchWork Collective Community

The PatchWork Collective wants to help our members develop their businesses by connecting them with referral partners in and around Ferndale. If you want to work with Ben and the other members of the PatchWork Collective, contact us today to schedule a tour.

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