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Meet the Member: Therapist Josh Curie

At PatchWork Collective coworking space, we love shining a light on what our members are doing. One way we do that is through feature “Meet our Members” blog posts. In today’s post, we’ll meet therapist and social worker Josh Curie, who is helping individuals, couples, and groups from within the PatchWork Collective.

Meet our Member Josh Curie

Josh Curie is a licensed therapist and social worker specializing in providing high-quality, inclusive therapy for individuals, and couples, through his private practice, Josh Curie Therapy & Wellness Services, LLC. He offers a variety of different types of therapy to clients including members of the LGBTQ community, non-monogamous families, and individuals struggling to reconcile faith and sexuality. A long-time participant in the Ferndale community (and new resident), Josh has just opened his own practice within the PatchWork Collective, giving his clients a safe space to get the help they need.

A graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University and Wayne State University, Josh is a state-licensed social worker and therapist. He is also a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC), and offers a variety of ways to “do therapy”. A strong believer in the mind-body connection, Josh offers walk-and-talk therapy, where he meets clients on the go, as well as video conferencing and in-person sessions. He has experience working in a variety of therapeutic techniques including:

  • Individual therapy
  • Couples/Partner therapy
  • Social Work Supervision
  • Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Premarital Therapy

He works with teenagers and adults, and meets with individuals, couples, and family groups. His practice is especially focused on members of the LGBTQ community, and he also works with members of open or polyamorous relationships.

Hear from Josh

We asked Josh Curie to tell us what makes him love what he does. He says:

I love being a therapist because it gives me the opportunity to provide a safe space for individuals of all walks of life to be simply who they are and to be radically transparent and honest about their lives. Too often people are told that openness and vulnerability are equivalent to weakness and I convey just the opposite message — that being open and vulnerable is the key to growth, healing, and change. Occupying this space can be challenging, but it is rewarding to see people let their defenses down and open up about the things that truly matter to them and what they would like to do to tap into their inner beauty and richness.

Josh Curie, Therapist & Social Worker

When we asked Josh what brought him to the PatchWork Collective, he said:

PatchWork is a great fit for me. The space itself is modern and clean and serves as a hub for the community–something I find incredibly important for communities. I love that they have tailored and flexible memberships, as not everyone is going to need the same things. Being a local, I will be able to walk or bike to the office and even be able to learn about the great things other individuals and businesses are doing. Plus, I love me some good coffee and PatchWork has it!

Josh Curie, PatchWork Collective Member

The Person Behind the Business

Josh has a volunteer’s heart and is committed to strengthening his local community. Even before he became a licensed therapist, he volunteered with the Columbus AIDS Task Force and helped provide aid to Hurricane Katrina survivors. He is also a certified spin instructor and teaches a weekly cycling class at a local gym.

Get Help from Therapist Josh Curie

Josh is happy to provide quality, inclusive, competent mental health services to clients in Ferndale and Metro Detroit. He takes Blue Cross Blue Shield and Blue Care Network insurance plans. If you want to meet with Josh, you can request an appointment on his website. He has an office at PatchWork Collective, so you can meet him there at your convenience.

Become a Member to Get Connected with Josh and the Rest of the PatchWork Collective Community

The PatchWork Collective wants to help our members build up their businesses and connect them with key referral partners in the local community. If you want to work with Josh Curie and the other members of the PatchWork Collective, become a Community Member for free today.

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