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Members: Refer a Friend, Save Some Green

Who wants to work alone? The whole point of coworking is for remote workers and solo entrepreneurs to surround themselves with like-minded professionals. So why not invite your friends into this great space? By referring a friend to the PatchWork Collective, you can even save yourself some green.

A Coworking Space Born Out of Working Together

Before the PatchWork Collective had a name, I was sitting in my favorite local coffee shop, trying to work over the sounds of the grinder, the espresso machine, and the sales guy on the phone in the corner. I wasn’t the only one. The coffee bar was crowded with mobile workers looking for a place to get work done. Over time, these people became my friends. We would catch up on the latest stories from our personal lives, chat about the latest movie release or TV show. We even developed the habit of doing the crossword together.

But we all recognized that we were, to an extent, trying to cram a square peg in a round hole. The patrons of the coffee shop weren’t interested in the work we were doing. The baristas were friendly, but they would rather we not take up their tables and sip our coffee until it was cold. We knew we needed a place focused on letting professionals work and providing them with the support and space to really develop their businesses. And so, the PatchWork Collective was born.

Working Alongside Friends is Better

The beauty of coworking is that it provides a space for you to work alongside your favorite people: the one who inspires you, the smart one, the one who picks you up on a lousy day. The professional and personal community within a coworking space gives solo entrepreneurs, remote workers, and startup business owners the chance to surround themselves with the people they like to work with.

But we all know other entrepreneurs and business owners who haven’t caught the coworking bug, yet. Maybe you’ve met them at a local chamber event. Maybe you know them from a social group or shared hobby. Maybe you’re the one pushing them to go off on their own and start a new thing. Wouldn’t it be better to have those friends working alongside you, building your community and your coworking space?

Members: Refer a Friend and Get Credit at PatchWork Collective

We think working with friends is better than working alone, or with strangers. And we’re always interested in helping grow the community of coworkers here at the PatchWork Collective. That’s why we are announcing our Member Referral Program. Our full-time members can earn credit just for bringing their friends to work with them. For each new person you bring into the PatchWork Collective, you will receive a dollar-for-dollar credit for their first purchase (excluding special event rentals). That means:

  • Your friend rents an office for an upcoming meeting: you get $20 credit.
  • Your neighbor buys a 10-pack of day passes: you get $100 credit.
  • Your neighbor becomes a full-time member: you get $150 credit.
  • Your business associate rents a full-time office: you get $500 credit.

You can choose whether these credits go to your next month’s membership, or get stored up for a special event.

How to Refer a Friend to the PatchWork Collective

Have someone in mind to join the PatchWork Collective? There are lots of ways to refer a friend and get the credit:

No matter how you connect your friends to the space, just be sure they say who sent them! (Otherwise, we won’t know who to give the credit to.) Once you invite them into the space, our facilities managers will be happy to show them around and talk to them about the benefits of coworking at the PatchWork Collective. When they sign up, you get the credit. It’s as easy as that.

Why work alone when referring a contact can actually save you money? Reach out to your networks and let’s build the PatchWork Collective community together.

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