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No, Your Work is Not Too Loud for Coworking

Have you considered coworking in a shared office space, but decided against it because you’re on the phone a lot or are too loud? Guess what. Your work is not too loud for coworking. Before you give up on all the benefits coworking has to offer, let me explain how even loud talkers can make a communal workspace work for them.

Some Businesses Just Require More Privacy

Before I had even thought about opening a coworking space, I toured several shared office facilities hoping to join one. But there was a problem: I’m a lawyer and a loud talker. My clients rightfully expect me to protect their privacy, and that means not talking to them on the phone in a communal workspace. Unfortunately, many of the spaces I visited didn’t seem to account for the fact that some businesses just require more privacy. As I took the tours, I found myself envisioning ducking into private offices, break rooms, or even entryways just to take a confidential phone call.

It was a no go.

My law partner and I had this experience in mind when we opened the PatchWork Collective. We understood that some phone calls need privacy and that some people can be loud when they take a call. We designed our space to accommodate confidential industries, salespeople, and other workers who may just prefer to keep their phone calls private.

Phone Booths and White Noise Protect Confidential Calls

At PatchWork Collective, we understand the need to protect your clients’ privacy, or your own. We’ve designed our space, and our membership models, with privacy in mind. It all starts with our phone booths.

Private booths in the Woodward View Event Space

These private cubbies are located in the shared office part of our coworking space and are open to anyone who is working here — whether you are a 24/7 member or have just dropped in for the day. They have sound absorbing ceiling panels that make sure you’re words are your own. Even loud talkers have nothing to fear. We use sound as a second line of defense against unintentional eavesdropping. We make strategic use of white noise devices, water fountains, and unobtrusive music to make sure your words fade into the mixture of sounds and don’t disturb others.

And it’s not just phone calls. Membership also includes up to 6 hours of private office and conference room time. Members can reserve rooms up to the minute before using them. If a client drops by unannounced, you can invite them to step into your office and have a private conversation, even at the last minute. These private office hours can also be used for conference calls, sales shifts, or even when you have a big project and need to work without interruption for a few hours.

This combination means that our shared coworking area can host many workers at the same time, even when they are all working on their own projects. Introverts, people with ADD, and other easily distracted workers can rest assured that they can work without the hassle of someone taking a phone call right next to them.

But Don’t Worry, We’re Not a Library

Just because I look like a librarian doesn’t mean you can’t talk at PatchWork!

Okay, I admit it. Some days I do look like a stereotypical librarian with my tight ponytail or bun and glasses. But that doesn’t mean I expect my coworkers to use hushed voices when they’re using the shared office space at PatchWork Collective. All our steps to keep people from feeling like their work is too loud for coworking are features, not limits.

Coworking thrives on community, collaboration, and cooperation. And none of that can happen in silence. Just because others are there working doesn’t mean you have to put your headphones on or duck into a private room to have a brainstorming session. We want our members to connect. So open up and chat about your project with fellow members. (Unless they tell you they need to focus, of course!) You never know, they may just have a great idea to take your business to the next level.

Still Think Your Work is Too Loud? Try Us and See

If you’re still not convinced that our phone booths, sound machines, and private office spaces can keep up with your decibel levels, I personally invite you to come try us and see. Check out one of our monthly Free Work Friday events, or just drop in for the day. I’ll give you a tour and show you all the sound-proofing features we offer. Then you can try them for yourself and see whether coworking is right for you and your business.

Post Author: PatchWork