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PatchWork Collective Named Ferndale Mayor's Project of the Year

On May 9, 2019, the PatchWork Collective was named the Ferndale Mayor’s Business Council’s Project of the Year. We are honored to receive this award, which represents our commitment to the community and its business development. Find out more about the award, and about what the PatchWork Collective has to offer.

Ferndale Mayor’s Business Counsel Supports Local Growth

Ferndale, Michigan is a community focused on inclusion, supporting one another, and building each other up. That includes our business community. When Ferndale Mayor Dave Coulter took office 9 years ago, he made it a point of his campaign that he wanted to do more to develop and support Ferndale’s emerging business community. He kept that promise in part by creating the Ferndale Mayor’s Business Council. According to its website:

“The mission of the Mayor’s Business Council is to identify economic strategies, shape local policy, and create shared opportunities and resources by providing a network of Ferndale-based business executives, representatives of major educational and research institutions, government officials, and City administrators that is committed to creating an environment in which businesses and jobs flourish.”

–Mayor Dave Coulter

To that end, for the past 7 years, the Mayor’s Business Council has given out awards to businesses and members of the community that demonstrate the success and citizenship of our growing community. Past award winners include Rifino Valentine of Valentine Distilling Co. and Jackie Smith of Candle Wick Shoppe and current chair of the Ferndale Downtown Development Authority.

This year’s awards ceremony happened on Thursday, May 9, 2019 at Pop’s for Italian in Downtown Ferndale. Local officials, business owners, and guests gathered to share great food, drinks, and networking. Then the formal presentation began and Mayor Dave Coulter began passing out the awards.

PatchWork Collective Named Ferndale’s Project of the Year

This year, the Mayor’s Business Council gave out 5 awards to local businesses and business people who truly represented the heart of Ferndale:

  • PatchWork Collective, Project of the Year
  • Urbanrest Brewing Co., Company of the Year
  • Brian Siegel and Geoff Kretchmer of Detroit Axe/The Corner, Executives of the Year
  • Seifu and Fetle Lessanewark, The Blue Nile, Entrepreneurs of the Year
  • Dale Vigilarolo, LakePointe Construction, Jack Aronson Corporate Citizenship Award

Mayor Coulter introduced PatchWork CEO, Lisa Schmidt, and told everyone there how the PatchWork Collective was an idea born right here in Ferndale. He talked about how Lisa and her co-founder Ben Long had worked with the Build Institute in Ferndale to build our business plan and develop the company from concept to concrete. He shared how PatchWork is a great space for small business owners, remote workers, and entrepreneurs to work together. He even gave a shout out to our pop-up retail space and phone booths.

To find out more about the other award recipients, check out this article posted by PatchWork Collective member Crystal Proxmire of the Oakland County Times.

PatchWork Collective Responds to Being Named Project of the Year

Being named the Ferndale Mayor’s Business Council’s Project of the Year is a huge honor to the PatchWork Collective and its founders. While we aren’t the only shared-office space in town, we try our best to live up to our motto, as “a coworking space with the heart of Ferndale.” We keep our doors and our minds open so that we are always ready to embrace the city’s next big idea.

“When I learned that the PatchWork Collective was going to be the Mayor’s Business Council’s Project of the Year for 2019, I was thrilled. We’ve done a lot to make sure we were connected to the heart of the city. Being honored by Mayor Coulter and his council shows that that commitment has been well received. I can’t wait to see how PatchWork and the City of Ferndale can collaborate next!

Lisa Schmidt, CEO, PatchWork Collective

When Oakland County Times asked Schmidt why she loved owning a business in Ferndale, she said:

“I love running a coworking space here in Ferndale because the city is so welcoming to new businesses and supportive of its entrepreneurs. What better place to open a space that brings businesses together so they can get work done?”

Lisa Schmidt, CEO, PatchWork Collective

Get In On the Action at PatchWork Collective

This award promises to be the start of great things at the PatchWork Collective. Since being named earlier this year, we have hosted city engagement meetings, business development panels, and networking events. We are also planning to host a LGBT Pride-related storytelling event in June and to house the Ferndale Area Chamber’s Artist in You exhibit after the showing at the Ferndale Library is done.

Want to get involved in everything going on at the PatchWork Collective? It’s easy. Just create a free Community Member account on our online portal. You can use that account to keep up to date, sign up for upcoming events, and even find your own space when you need a meeting room or membership. Click the button below to sign up.

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