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PatchWork Collective Anniversary Party

We’ve made it through our first year, and we want to celebrate with all our friends and the members of our coworking community. You are invited to celebrate PatchWork Collective’s 1-year anniversary on September 6, 2019. Come, join us, as we look back on a year of firsts, and celebrate everything we have done together here in the heart of Ferndale.

PatchWork Collective Celebrates a Year of Firsts

One year ago, on August 29, 2018, we opened our doors to the public and invited the community into our brand new coworking space. With the help of the Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce, and the support of family, friends, and the local community, we cut the ribbon on this great new business adventure.

It’s been an exciting year. Like any new business we’ve had our ups and downs. We’ve faced challenges we never expected and met some new friends we are happy to call members of our community.

When we opened PatchWork Collective, one of our goals was to be an event space where the local community could gather to learn, grow, and even play. And we’ve done that. We’ve hosted city meetings and educational events, where community members could learn about upcoming events and new ideas. We’ve been the home base for networking groups, including Motor City Connect. We’ve provided space for private parties and non-profit groups. We have hosted our own craft bazzaar, and even held a mega gaming event in collaboration with The Loaded Die.

Giving Back and Celebrating With Our Local Community

PatchWork Celebrates Ferndale Pride

From the beginning, the owners of PatchWork have wanted our coworking space to be a hub for our local community. We knew we could not do that alone. Over the past year, we have partnered with other local businesses, and given back to some of the charities closest to our hearts. For example, the gaming event raised over $280 for Ferndale Pride, and PatchWork was proud to fly our colors as a sponsor when the annual event happened this June.

We are also proud to offer a non-profit discount to our members and visitors, so that social organizations and clubs can use our space for their base of operations, or host anything from annual meetings to fundraisers without dipping too far into the budget.

Living Up to Community Project of the Year

PatchWork Collective Named Ferndale Mayor's Project of the Year

PatchWork Collective also had the honor of being named Ferndale Mayor David Coulter’s Business Council Project of the Year. Through this award, Ferndale’s leadership showed its trust in us to add a needed dimension to the city’s business landscape and to help local entrepreneurs grow their own companies. We were honored to receive Mayor Coulter’s praise and his award. We have done everything we can to live up to the promise Dave saw in us, and we proudly display the award in our main coworking space for all to see.

Celebrate the Future of Coworking with PatchWork Collective on September 6, 2019

With our first year officially in the books, we want to bring our community together again. We invite you to join us on September 6, 2019, to celebrate what we have accomplished with us and look forward to the future of coworking in Ferndale. This will be a private, ticketed event, so get your tickets early to be sure you’ll have a seat.

Members-Only Happy Hour

At 4:00 p.m., we invite all our founders, members and those who helped us get this business started to join us for drinks and appetizers. PatchWork’s regularly scheduled Free Work Friday will close early so we can get everything ready and welcome our members and VIPs.

Private Gathering of Friends and Community

At 6:00 p.m., we will open the doors to our friends and community members. We invite anyone connected to PatchWork to come and celebrate with us. There will be drinks and finger food, as well as desserts. You’ll get to hear from CEO Lisa Schmidt and rub elbows with our members and friends. Because of the nature of the event, only those with tickets will be able to attend. Sign up now and reserve your place to celebrate with us.

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