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PatchWork Collective Provides Mobile Workers a Home Base

One of the best things about advancements in technology and workplace culture is the rise of the mobile workers. These are employees who say “have laptop, will travel” and mean it. But when work and workplace become disconnected it can leave mobile workers without a sense of place. That’s where the PatchWork Collective comes in.

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I’ve lived the mobile worker lifestyle. When I first opened my law practice, it was me, my cell phone, and my laptop. I didn’t have a brick-and-mortar space. Instead, I met clients in libraries or occasionally cafes with high-back booths. Being a lawyer, I had to think about privacy during my consultations. But when I was writing or working on my business, you would often find me at a local coffee shop.

Being a Mobile Worker Leaves You Without a Work Home

But being without a home base can make work life challenging. Yes, you can work from home, but when you get there are you really putting in the time? Or are you too distracted by the cat, the dishes, or that TV show you’ve been meaning to catch up on?

I get that too. A desire increase my productivity and to let clients come to me is what pushed me toward a formal office, and eventually a coworking space. The PatchWork Collective gave me the stability of a home base of operations while still having the flexibility of being a mobile worker.

The Mobile Workforce is on the Rise

It’s only a matter of time until most of us are able to take our work on the road in one way or another. While the first telecommuters date back to the 1970s, the modern mobile workforce includes everyone from home-based workers to travelers, to employees with flexible work schedules. A PwC study featured by Forbes suggests that by 2020, mobile workers will make up almost 75% of the U.S. workforce. That’s over 105 million workers finding a place to do what they do. 

Mobility Can Leave Workers Feeling Disconnected

Mobility can be great, until it isn’t. When your work takes you all across town, or across the country, you may feel like you don’t have anywhere to go “back to the office”. Home-based workers quickly learn that they have traded flexibility for isolation, and often for productivity. 

Without a base of operation, mobile workers can find themselves feeling like nomads — working out of their cars, without any of the social connections they may have taken for granted in their office settings.

Coworking Spaces Help Mobile Workers Maximize Productivity

When I was running a virtual office, one of my biggest complaints was that I spent a significant amount of time driving to meetings with clients. That was time I couldn’t spend working on my cases, or building my business. My productivity died behind the wheel of my car.

A coworking space, like the PatchWork Collective gives mobile workers a base of operations, where they can invite clients to join them for meetings, and cut down on travel time. The PatchWork Collective is also designed with work in mind, so our environment helps our members maximize productivity at any time, day or night.

The PatchWork Collective is the perfect base of operations for mobile workers in Metro Detroit. Whether you just need a spot for the day, want to schedule a private meeting space, or are looking for a more permanent home base, we have the facility for you, so you can increase your productivity and professionalism, and get work done. Contact us today to schedule a tour.

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