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Halloween may still be a month away, but believe it or not, this is the perfect time to plan your company holiday party. Event spaces and other venues fill up fast around the holidays. So to get your perfect date, and make sure all your VIPs can attend, you need to get started early.

Holiday Parties Aren’t Just for Employees

It used to be, the company holiday party was a perk given to employees. It was a chance to relax and get to know each other personally, not just professionally. That is still part of the purpose. But for small to medium-sized businesses, holiday parties are also a chance to connect with VIPs outside your company and build business referrals for the coming year.

That’s one reason why it is important to start planning your company holiday party now. The “connectors” on your invite list are likely popular people within your industry. You can secure a coveted spot on their calendar by reserving a date and sending out invitations early. By giving your VIPs lots of notice you can improve the chances that your industry’s heavy hitters will be there to rub elbows with your employees. And that means your business is more likely to generate leads out of the company holiday party.

On-Site Parties Can be Disruptive to Business

If your office building has a large conference room or presentation space, you may be tempted to just hold your company holiday party on-site as a cost-cutting measure. And it’s true, you will save money if you don’t hire out a space. However, that cost-cutting effort could end up interfering with your business and turning your big annual event into a flop.

Take it from me, setting up a party is disruptive. Setup for an event in our open coworking area or large conference room can start as early as two hours before the event, and can run right down to the wire. During setup you will likely have vendors, caterers, staff, and volunteers hurrying about and calling out to each other to make sure everything is perfect. If that happens on-site, it can interfere with your employees’ ability to concentrate and keep them from working. That can turn an after-hours party into an all-day disruption and put your company on pause as everyone prepares for the big event.

Going Remote Increases the Importance of Your Company Holiday Party

There’s another reason to plan your company holiday party off-site: it makes it special. It’s just like going out for dinner. Yes, you could cook the same recipe at home in your own kitchen, but it won’t have the same impact as if you went to a restaurant that is set up to serve you.

Your employees and business contacts know your business. They probably spend a lot of time in your facility and know it inside and out. When you go remote with your company holiday party, it makes the event special. By hosting your holiday party in an event space designed for these types of meetings, you show employees and contacts that you care and are willing to go the extra mile to treat them right.

PatchWork Collective Has Event Space for Your Company Holiday Party

At PatchWork Collective, we have a bright, cheery event space that could be the perfect fit for your company holiday party. We offer evening and weekend hours so that your party doesn’t disrupt business hours, and can connect you with caterers and vendors who can make it special. PatchWork will be tastefully decorated for the holiday season, and you can bring in your own decor as well, so you can really set the scene. Our rates are reasonable, and our contracts flexible, so you can set up, celebrate, and then clean up at your own pace.

Want to schedule your company holiday party? It starts with a tour with one of our facility managers. We’ll show you the space and the amenities and discuss all the details to make your event special. Contact us today to arrange a tour.

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