Pricing at the PatchWork Collective

What Does It Cost?

Drop-In Day Pass: $20 / Day

Drop-in Day Pass at PatchWork Collective

If membership isn’t in the budget, or you only need a place to work one or two days a week, a day pass may be right for you. At $20 per day, you can work as long as you want (9am – 5pm), whenever you want. Discounted day pass bundles are also available for purchase.

One-Week Trial: $50 / Week

One-Week Trial at PatchWork Collect

If you’re not sure the coworking life is for you, we offer a one-time trial offer. For $50, you can use our coworking space during normal business hours for one week. At the end of the week, if you want to become a member, that $50 will be credited to your first month’s membership.

Full Membership: $150 / Month

24/7 Membership at PatchWork Collective

Members of the PatchWork Collective have 24/7 access to all our open spaces, along with benefits and features not available to drop-in visitors. Membership at the PatchWork Collective is just $150 per month. You can set up a recurring charge on your credit or debit card, so you never have to worry about losing access to your work space.

Dedicated Desk: $300 / Month

Dedicated Desk at PatchWork Collective

A Dedicated Desk gives you a private work space away from the noise and distractions of the shared coworking area. It includes locking storage, desk, chair, 24/7 access, professional mailing address, and a full membership with all the benefits for only $300 / month.

Private Office: $500 / Month

Private Office at PatchWork Collective

If you love the community of a coworking space but still need to protect your customers’ privacy, a permanent private office may be right for you. The PatchWork Collective has several smaller spaces perfect for a solo entrepreneur or a small team. At $500 / month, each office comes with a full coworking membership, so you can fit right in to the PatchWork community.

Custom Membership

Lounge Area in the Woodward View Event Space

Do you need something more than you’re seeing here? Want us to feature you more often on social media? Want to add on monthly private office time? Or maybe you need to store more than will fit in your locker. Schedule a tour to meet with a facility manager and arrange a custom membership that works for you and your business.

Special Event Rental

How to Become a PatchWork Community Member

Looking for a space for your one-time special event or occasional meeting? Our WorkShop and Woodward View spaces can host events for anywhere from 12 to 100 guests. Schedule a tour to meet with a facility manager and arrange a custom membership that works for you and your business.