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PatchWork Collective puts community in our coworking space

Coworking spaces like the PatchWork Collective make a big deal about community. But what does that mean, anyway? And how does it help you be more productive and work more efficiently?

Why a coworking space
thrives off of community.

Community is About People

This week was the Ferndale Holiday Ice Festival. The whole community came together: the Rotary Club hosted its annual pancake breakfast. The businesses opened their doors to holiday shoppers. Santa and the Downtown Development Authority made even the youngest residents and visitors feel welcome. As I walked around looking at the ice sculptures, squinting against the sun and the brisk air on my face, I couldn’t help but be proud of our community. We were all putting in our part to make the area feel pleasant and festive this holiday season.  It made me reflect on just what community was really all about.

Community: a unified body of individuals: such as:

 – the people with common interests living in a particular area…

– a body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Community is About Purpose

A community isn’t just a geographic area. The Ferndale DDA covers a relatively small area — only about one square mile. At the corner of Woodward and Marshall, the PatchWork Collective sits on the southern border of downtown Ferndale. But the community of Ferndale is much bigger. It includes business owners who commute into the city to run their stores and companies. It welcomes shoppers and patrons from all across the Metro Detroit area. And it gathers in all the residents from the surrounding communities: Oak Park, Madison Heights, Royal Oak, and beyond.

That’s because community is really about purpose. It is our shared sense of commitment to one another and to being a welcoming and inclusive that brings everyone together. It’s not just about retail on the main street. It’s also the big business owners, the local realtors, and maybe that new coworking space down the street. We’re all working together for the success of our city, and its people.

Community is About Support

That’s why community is so important to coworking spaces. There are a million places where mobile workers, self-employed entrepreneurs, and remote employees can go to get their work done. Some may even prefer their own couch (which does have the perk of being a pants-optional workplace). 

But coffee shops, cafes, and couches are all missing that key sense of community that coworking spaces like the PatchWork Collective are built on. There’s no one there to give you encouragement when you’re having a down day or need someone to bounce ideas off of. (I’ve tried it with the baristas. They were not impressed.)

At the PatchWork Collective, we’re more than just a place to plug in, get wifi and get to work. We do all of that, but we also help you connect with other professionals to build your business, and provide a listening ear when your day or your project need a boost. That’s because at the PatchWork Collective we care about our community and want our members to succeed.

Want to become part of the PatchWork Collective community? Drop by our space or contact us to schedule a tour. We’d love to have you visit.

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