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Why Membership at the PatchWork Collective Makes Sense

Membership at the PatchWork Collective is about more than just the number of times you walk in the door. Find out all the benefits of becoming a regular member in Ferndale’s newest coworking space.

We get it. When you are self-employed or a contract employee, every dollar counts. After all, that’s the reason why coworking makes so much sense for so many people: it gives you a professional place to work without the high-priced overhead of a private office.

So if money is tight, why should you spend it on a membership rather than just dropping in when you need a place to work? It turns out, there are a lot of benefits to membership that go beyond time in the space.

24/7 Member Access

The biggest reason members join the PatchWork Collective is to get access to the space on their own terms, at any time. One of the beauties of working for yourself is that you’re not tied to a traditional schedule.

Need to pick up the kids and make them dinner, but then get back to work without distractions? You’ll need a work space away from home that you can access late into the evening.

Working a side gig around your traditional 9-5? You’ll need a space that you can use on nights and weekends when your boss isn’t looking over your shoulder.

The PatchWork Collective is only staffed during regular office house. Anyone can drop in and work 9-5 Monday through Friday. But members receive a key fob that gives them 24/7 access to the shared coworking space. That means they can work whenever they want, even after the facilities manager has gone home.

Professional Address and Mail Service

Many professionals have reasons why they don’t want their customers (or the general public) to know where they live. But when you are self-employed and working from home, and you need a way to receive mail without threatening your own privacy.

Members at PatchWork Collective each receive a private locker, along with a suite number, so they can receive mail at a professional address instead of their home.  That also includes receiving packages and other mail that require signatures. Because the PatchWork Collective is staffed during daytime hours, our facilities manager is available to receive and sign for your mail.

Free Networking and Educational Events

Most people don’t become members of a coworking space for the members-only events. But you could. The PatchWork Collective offers members free admission to networking events, workshops, and trainings, to help them grow their business and connect with their community. You might be a creative type hoping to connect with other like-minded crafters. Or maybe you are a no-nonsense business person looking for strategic ways to grow your company. Either way, the PatchWork Collective offers members free admission to events that will help you on your path.

Added Perks of Membership

While coworking is mostly about using a shared office space the way you want, a membership at the PatchWork Collective comes with some added perks:

  • Print / Copy center access
  • Private work spaces reserved for members
  • Posting on our member wall, business card table, and social media accounts
  • Credit toward private office or WorkShop rental every month

We’re also always looking for ways to grow and serve our members better. If there is a perk you’re looking for, contact us. We would love to find a way to make membership work for you.

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