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Why PatchWork Collective Should Be Your Third Space

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At home, laundry beckons and the cat won’t stay off your lap. In the office, you can’t find your flow because coworkers are constantly interrupting with “quick questions.” You need a third space. At the PatchWork Collective, we have just the spot.

What is a Third Space?

In the 8 years I’ve been running my own law firm, I’ve worked from home, had an office, and now run and operate out of a coworking space. I’ve been called by the siren’s song of “just one more episode”, resting my laptop on my lap and calling it work. And I’ve known the pull to work on all those urgent but not important tasks that stack up at work. Eventually, I figured out, I needed a third space.

A “third space” (after work and home) is another location where you can do work-related tasks, without the distractions and down sides of the home or office. Ideal third spaces have pleasing aesthetics, places to meet with colleagues, coffee, and of course WiFi. Most importantly, it will be someplace you can get comfortable and get work done. 

Do You Need a Third Space? 

As demands for productivity continue to rise, workers face longer hours, stress, and the feeling like they can never get away. They feel tied to their desks, locked in their offices. And they find their offices boring

While workers may feel more productive in their office, when it comes time for creative work, they just feel stuck. They need a third place – a place where they can collaborate with other professionals and get work done in a comfortable and friendly environment.

The idea of a Third Space isn’t entirely new. Workers have long used the break room or coffee shop as a way to step away from their desks and bounce ideas around with other professionals. But a dedicated Third Space takes the break room to another level.

Why PatchWork Collective Should be Your Third Space

A drop-in coworking space, like the PatchWork Collective is an ideal third space for creatives, freelancers, and other workers looking for a place away from their desks. It has advantages over traditional third spaces (like coffee shops) that will make you want to come back again and again.

Comfort and Convenience

The PatchWork Collective isn’t some boring conference room tucked away in the corner of your office. We have lounge areas, a live-edge laptop bar, and a rustic-industrial aesthetic that will make you feel right at home. We do our best to think of everything – down to the temperature and the way the place smells – so that you will be comfortable as you get work done.

We are also conveniently located on Woodward in Ferndale, Michigan. Just minutes from I-696 and I-75, we’re a convenient meeting point for clients coming out of Detroit. 

Flexibility to Match Your Needs

Third spaces mean different things to different workers. Some just need a comfortable seat and a power outlet for their laptop. Others need a table to work at, or even a private space to hold a meeting.

The PatchWork Collective has all of those options. With hourly office rental and daily drop in rates, you can use our coworking space as much as you want, the way you want.

We Have Coffee Too

Coffee shops are a very common third space used to meet other professionals in your network. But coffee shops are also sometimes embarrassingly public. And loud. 

At the PatchWork Collective, even our open coworking area provides more privacy than a coffee shop. You won’t have to worry about running into your boss on their break. And there are no coffee grinders or espresso machines to drown out your conversations. But don’t worry, we still have coffee for your meeting.

The PatchWork Collective is the perfect third space for you to release your creativity and increase your productivity. Whether you just need a break from your office, or are trying to find a way out of your house, we’re here to give you the space you need to get work done. Contact us today to schedule a tour, or drop in to get to work.

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