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Writers! Readers! Start Planning Now for November's Page-a-Thon

Writers in Michigan and worldwide often dedicate November to honing their craft, finishing their projects, and getting words on the page. At PatchWork Collective, we support local writers and readers. We’re partnering with The Creative Light Writer’s Guild to host a Page-a-Thon on Sunday, November 10, 2019. And it’s not too early for you to get involved.

November Means Go Time for Writers

Maybe it is because the weather turns cold in November. Maybe it’s because we’ve all set year-end goals for ourselves and want to get them done before the holidays. Maybe we’ve all been sucked into the hype about a national writing month. Whatever the reason, November has become a key time for local writers to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), and spend some much-needed time on their craft. Libraries, coffee shops, and your friendly neighborhood coworking space all open their doors to writers throughout the month to give them a place to write in community.

New Non-Profit Seeks to Promote Literacy and Independent Authors

Now one non-profit wants to put all that creative energy to good use. The Creative Light Writer’s Guild, is a new non-profit organization centered on promoting literacy. Founder Diana Kathryn Plopa describes the organization’s mission statement like this:

“The Creative Light Writer’s Guild believes that literacy is critical to the advancement of society on both a personal and professional level.  Our mission is to support children and adults as they enhance their literacy skills toward becoming more active readers and writers.  Our secondary goal is to support other community service charities and foster gentle activism through use of the written word.”

Diana Kathryn Plopa, The Creative Light Writer’s Guild

The Guild is in its formative stages, but plans are in place for the non-profit to eventually:

  • Make books available to underprivileged children and students to inspire reading
  • Provide workshops and training to students and adults in literacy and writing
  • Offer financial assistance for education in the literary arts
  • Help independent writers get their books to market, and then sell them

The Creative Light Writer’s Guild Page-a-Thon Comes to PatchWork Collective

As one of the first steps toward its mission, The Guild has decided to embrace November’s writing fervor by hosting a Page-a-Thon at the PatchWork Collective. This fundraising event will invite writers and readers to knock out pages for the new non-profit. “Creative Lighters” can sign up as either a writer or a reader, and then get sponsors to provide donations based on their performance. Similar to walk-a-thons or other fundraisers, writers and readers will be able to set goals. When they reach those goals, their sponsors will contribute funds help support them, and The Guild.

The Creative Lighters will be in a race of their own to collect the most donations. The top two fundraisers (one reader and one writer) will win prizes including movie passes from MJR Theaters, a $100 gift certificate for dinner at a local restaurant, and a pair of cocoa mugs they can use to to keep them caffeinated while they continue writing.

Don’t have a lot of big spenders in your network? Don’t worry! The top two outreachers (one reader and one writer) who get donations from the most people will win movie tickets, dinner, and two T-shirts. And, the writer and readers who put the most pages behind them will each win a $50 gift card to an Indie bookshop (where they can get more books, of course!) and either a mug or a stylish T-shirt.

How to Get Involved

If you believe that literacy and writing are important to a healthy society, then it’s not too early to get involved in The Guild’s Page-a-Thon here at . There are a variety of ways you can help:

  • Writers and readers can sign up to participate as Creative Lighters and collect sponsorships
  • Friends and family can sponsor Creative Lighters when they reach their goal
  • Business owners can sponsor the event at PatchWork Collective
  • Anyone can donate directly to The Creative Light Writer’s Guild

Host Your Special Event at PatchWork Collective

If the Page-a-Thon is sparking ideas for you and your business or non-profit, the PatchWork Collective has event space for groups from 5 to 50. You can host anything from private parties, to public workshops, to fundraisers in our conference rooms and event spaces. We’ll provide projectors, white boards, coffee, and everything you need to hold a successful event. Schedule a tour today to find out about pricing and to check out the space.

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